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When the watchmaking environment gathers within Watches in addition to Wonders Geneva 2024, many eyes browse Roger Dubuis, the second to none maestro about Hyper Horology. The Maison’s bold in addition to disruptive mindset has all over again pushed the boundaries of horological look, this time when using the captivating first appear of the Excalibur Sunrise 2x Tourbillon. The stunning product is a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitments to originality, technical excellence, and a strong unapologetic take of the unusual.

Defying The law of gravity with Two times Tourbillon Workmanship:

Roger Dubuis has long been associated with the street art of the tourbillon, and the Excalibur Sunrise Twin Tourbillon is usually a testament towards Maison’s astonishing expertise in that field. Providing not one, still two tourbillons linked by using a regulating differential, this wrist watch showcases the actual brand’s practical prowess and also its particular refusal to be able to compromise. Giving an impressive 72-hour power reserve, the particular RD108SQ body is a a fact feat associated with engineering, including 319 attentively crafted resources.

Elevating the fantastic:

While the mechanized prowess within the Excalibur Sunrise Double Tourbillon is truly attractive, it is the watch’s breathtaking plastic that certainly sets it again apart. Bespoked with a young-looking gradient regarding 108 baguette-cut gemstones, typically the timepiece is known as a symphony involving color and light-weight, evoking often the radiant vigor of a dawn. From the unique hues connected with garnet to the bezel to your mesmerizing glint of teal sapphire over the flange, each individual stone is certainly meticulously place to create a dispute that requests attention.

The exact Maison’s uncompromising dedication for you to quality is normally further apparent in your use of 18 carat pink money for the 45 millimeter case, putting together a warm and opulent contrast to intense stone display. The very skeletonized mounting of the exercise, endorsed via the prestigious Poinçon de Genève certification, brings out the ornate web with finely emblazoned surfaces, an accurate testament to help Roger Dubuis’ unwavering investment to worth.

A Exciting Departure with Subtlety:

In a place where restraint plus understatement commonly reign superior, Roger Dubuis defiantly expresses that there is basically no room meant for timidity. The main Excalibur Dawn Double Tourbillon is a exciting and unashamed, shameless statement, some timepiece which will dares you to normally include their fire for the great. This reasonably limited edition for just almost 8 pieces can be described as clarion phone call to the valid connoisseurs, folks who seek to liberate from the shackles of established practice and revel in the exact unbridled electric power of Hyper Horology.

Roger Dubuis for the longest time has been synonymous utilizing innovation, luxury, and hi-tech design, frequently pushing the very boundaries about creativity as its establishment for 1995. Formed on the imaginative dream of Mister. Roger Dubuis himself, the main Maison launched into a audaciousness journey that will craft exceptional timepieces a great exclusive group of friends of colleagues. Today, this unique quest for uniqueness continues to stay in high demand through the Maison’s pioneering master planning Hyper Horology.
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In the year 2024, Roger Dubuis takes its graphic journey towards new heart at Looks after & Marvels Geneva, talented enthusiasts some sort of unparalleled accentuate of tourbillon artistry. This unique year’s scène promises any immersive working experience into the regarding high horology, featuring nearly four exciting unique releases, any distinguished just by intricate tourbillon mechanics and even breathtaking art. Among such, the Excalibur Sunrise 2 bottle Tourbillon is as a legs to Roger Dubuis’ unwavering dedication so that you can innovation together with excellence.

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